Wedding Guest Attire Inspiration

Whether you’re styling your own wedding guest outfit or are trying to determine your destination wedding’s dress code, we curated our favourite guest attire looks. Get inspired with these fashionable outfit choices for every type of celebration.

Beach Formal

Planning or attending a more sophisticated and glamorous affair? Beach Formal will likely be the dress code, offering an elegant spin on the traditional formal attire of back home. Think long dresses and gowns and traditional suits and ties, but in lighter colours and more breathable fabrics. Since stilettos might make it difficult to walk on the sand, chunky heels and platforms are recommended. Remember – no shorts or casual sandals allowed.

Wedding Guest Attire
Destination Wedding mens outfit

Beach Semi-Formal

A tad less formal, this dress code is more relaxed and laidback, while still looking like you’re going to a wedding. You can incorporate more casual patterns, like a fun floral or polka dots, but we’d recommend sticking with a tea-length silhouette to avoid looking overly casual. Accessorize with sophisticated jewelry, dressy sandals or wedges. Going for a suit? Jackets and ties aren’t required, but a blazer over a button-up shirt is always nice, and you’ll still need to leave the shorts at home.

beach Wedding guest attire
beach semi-casual menswear

Beach Casual

Don’t be mistaken – beach casual doesn’t mean you can pull out your flip flops and sweatpants. Instead, go for a nice sundress, a maxi dress in a bold print and dressy sandals; or long pants, dress shorts and a button-up long-or-short-sleeved shirt. Denim and cargo are still off-limits, in addition to cotton t-shirts. You still want to look like you’re attending a special occasion, while also embracing the laidback vibes of your tropical destination.

Casual Beach wedding attire women
Casual beach wedding menswear

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