The Benefits of Planning a Destination Wedding

Thinking of planning a destination wedding? There are plenty of reasons why you should exchange your vows in the tropics. From quality time with loved ones to budget-friendly perks and gorgeous backdrops, we compiled a few of the reasons why you should host your wedding in an exotic locale.

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More affordable than back home

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It’s a common misconception that destination weddings are more expensive than celebrations held back home; but in reality, it can actually end up being more affordable to exchange your vows in the tropics. When you host your wedding at an all inclusive resort, there are wedding packages that include everything you need at one incredible price, from food to décor and venues.

All your events in one

Instead of hosting your bachelor/bachelorette, wedding and honeymoon separately, you can plan them all in the same week in an exotic destination. It’ll be an entire week or more dedicated to celebrating your nuptials, with plenty of resorts offering bachelor party packages and honeymoon bonuses. If you don’t want to stay at the same resort for your honeymoon, you can always extend your stay and move to another resort for your dedicated romantic retreat.

Everyone can meet in the middle

Destination weddings are a popular choice for couples that have family and friends flying in from around the world. Instead of having everyone fly to you or trying to decide between the brides’ hometowns or the grooms’ hometowns, you can choose a destination that’s convenient for everyone to get to. Flights are widely available to hotspots across the Caribbean and Mexico, and it’ll be a fun adventure for everyone.

Smaller guest list

Dreaming of a smaller wedding but don’t want anyone to feel left out? Intimate celebrations are becoming increasingly popular, but lots of couples want to avoid the inevitable awkwardness that may come from friends and family members feeling left out of the festivities. When you host a destination wedding, you can avoid that tension by inviting everyone; all the while knowing that the people you’re not as close to likely won’t be able to make it. Problem solved!

Quality time with loved ones

Spend an entire week reconnecting with your loved ones in paradise. When you host a wedding at home, you only have one day to connect with your guests in between the ceremony, photographs and speeches. With a destination wedding, you’ll have an entire week to make new memories together and spend quality time with everyone by the resort pool or the beach bar.

Breathtaking wedding photography

One of the best parts of destination weddings is the breathtaking natural landscapes and exotic scenery that come with saying “I do” in the tropics. There will be no shortage of stunning backdrops for your wedding photos, and you won’t have to spend as much on décor with the pristine beach and majestic palm trees in the background.

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