Your Wedding Floral Vision – from Start to Finish!

~ How to get your wedding vision from paper to real life ~

I always tell my clients that a bride’s wedding vision is a “living, breathing process” that will fluctuate and change as the months go by. I’ve had clients call me a month before their wedding only to exclaim, “Guess what?! I’ve changed the entire color scheme!” To a lot of brides, the process from their original vision, to the finished product is a mysterious thing… here are a few tips along the way.

1. Start with your general colors or theme (usually based on what you’ve selected for your bridesmaids dresses) and put together a general INSPIRATION BOARD with items and suggestions that you think would work best! This often includes reception decor, wedding cake designs, and other fun ways to really utilize your colors and theme.

2. We then put together some specific FLORAL SUGGESTIONS based on budget and color scheme. We usually suggest both high-end imported flowers, and an option to bring the budget down with local flower options.

3. Some flower colors are hard to confirm in the Caribbean and Mexico, like blue or eggplant. A lot of florists abroad will suggest using a special flower paint to achieve your ideal color, and to be able to 100% confirm the shade you have in mind. If you’re not into this option, we like to use simple white bouquets and incorporate your color in the satin ribbon that wraps around your stems. Like these beautiful bouquets!

4. Next we gather PRICING on all bouquet and centerpiece ideas. The centerpiece flowers will often be an extension of what the bride selects for her bouquets. We also guide our clients on the type of centerpieces that will work best for their reception style, venue and budget. For example, if you’re having a wedding on the beach, tall glass vases aren’t the way to go! They can blow over in the wind break. Not ideal, unless of course you’d like to make a “shattering” entrance!

5. We NARROW DOWN SELECTIONS for everything based on what you love and the pricing we have received. If pricing comes in too high, your LUXE wedding planner is great at making suggestions as to what you can do to bring costs down without compromising your overall vision too much!

6. Lastly, the bride and groom (and moms and dads and sisters and maids of honor, etc.) make their decisions, and we order the flowers!!

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