Wedding Planning During a Pandemic – Tips from our planners

With the pandemic continuing for over a year, our LUXE wedding planners got together to share their advice for couples navigating wedding planning during these complicated times. Keep reading for their top tips!

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Are you okay with postponing? Re-planning and adjusting with the times?

Being flexible and realistic about the possibilities will make the experience easier. Most things won’t have to change so getting started now leads to a longer planning process which can be less stressful. By planning now, you can potentially increase your budget, save for something you didn’t consider possible the first time and have everything planned in advance should your big day go ahead as planned!


Knowing things could change is the best way to be prepared and save yourself from disappointment.


Communicate and be open with your guests about potentially having to reschedule and provide them with all the facts (pricing, cancellation options, insurance!). This will help put their minds at ease and proactively answer any of their numerous questions.


Think about what you are okay with scaling down (or up) if guests decide last minute to attend or to not attend.

For example, our latest LUXE couple, Suehaze and Martin originally planned to get married in 2020 with 60 guests. They considered cancelling all together when the majority of their group decided not to travel. We discussed options, and they loved the suggestion of a scaled down and intimate destination wedding – something they hadn’t even considered as a possibility.

In the end, their new date for 2021 went off without a hitch, and they had an amazing time with 14 of their closest friends and family! In their own words, they described their special day as: “Worth the wait!”

Suehaze & Martin's Punta Cana Wedding
Photography: Love & Sea Photography

Check out their Real Wedding here.


We know that waiting isn’t always ideal, and countless couple’s are feeling like their life is being put on hold. If this is the case for you, and you’re planning a destination wedding, you can get the legalities out of the way ahead of time!

This way you can still have a special moment with your future bride or groom now and have your dream celebration later.

Tip: Many couples have chosen to legally marry on their original wedding date to honour its significance!

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic
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It may seem like starting to plan your wedding now isn’t the right time. With many couples postponing their weddings from 2020 and early 2021, the 2021/2022 wedding season is very busy and dates and vendors are booking up fast!

To navigate confirming details, just know that most hotels and vendors are flexible. Our team will work with you should your plans change. It’s better to have something set than to rush later, only to find out that your dream team or date is already taken.


From wedding themed masks, to sanitizer favours, incorporating these health and safety measures into your wedding is a fun way to keep your guests safe. Just because things may look a bit different, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it! Our planners can help suggest ways to incorporate safety measures and social distance guidelines into your wedding without compromising the overall style.

Wedding Planning During a Pandemic


Resorts and venues have done an incredible job at revising their wedding offerings to keep everyone safe, and there are plenty of ways to re-visualize your day to make it more pandemic-friendly. Consider switching from a buffet dinner to plated menu and get creative in all elements of your food and beverage services. A unique trend we are loving are personal charcuterie appetizers and food carts/stations instead of a traditional sit-down affair.

Whatever you choose, just know that the LUXE wedding team is here to help you navigate all the elements that go into wedding planning during a pandemic. Whether you’re re-planning or starting from scratch, we have your best interests in mind!

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