Truffle Travel Bags

Who hates digging through their purse (filled with who knows what) to find things? We do, especially when travelling. As we all know, being organized is critical to making any trip run smoothly, and in the case of your destination wedding, you want it to be as hiccup free as possible. We found a great new travel friend to share with you! Hello to the aptly named Truffle bag – a wonderful addition for any destination bride-to-be. Bring it to the airport, bring it to the beach, find some inspiration and fill it with what you need. Or give it to your bridesmaids as a thank you gift!

A little bit about TRUFFLE: Co-founders, Maria Harrington & Sarah Cusumano are enamored with handbags. “We love how they delight us, how they define us, how essential they are to the comings and goings of our lives. Yet, as functional as our stylish bags may seem from the outside, inevitably they evolve into a state of cluttered chaos on the inside. With a surprising lack of chic, utilitarian solutions in the marketplace for tidying up all we hold on to, all that we carry with us, the TRUFFLE brand was born.” A fresh and modern alternative, TRUFFLE is purposefully practical, embodying Maria & Sarah’s eclectic sensibility and personal style.

Personally, we just love them!

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