‘Destination or Not’ Bridal Flowers

For brides who are worried about being able to import their favourite flowers, the costs associated with non-tropical flowers and what will be in season have we got a solution for you!  Destination or Not specializes in Floramatique, Real Touch and Natural Touch flowers that are not only botanically correct, but feel and look like real fresh flowers! Tell people or not – they will not believe that your bouquet is not fresh! This is a fantastic idea that will solve lots of brides concerns with not being able to see their flowers and bouquets until arriving in destination! And to top it all off, you will have your bouquet as a keepsake for years to come.

Those who love peonies, and know they are not possible in destination, here is our favourite bouquet from Destination or Not:

Why not incorporate a bit of the tropics into peony your bouquet with orchids and calla lilies?

Another flowers brides always ask us for in destination are hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are known to wilt in the heat and are very expensive to add to your bouquet.  One of the best features of the high quality permanent botanical flowers used by Destination or Not, is that they do not wilt, fade or discolour!

Not only are bridal bouquets available, you can on stop shop for all your bridal party with boutonnieres, wrist corsages and bridesmaids bouquets.

They even do centerpieces that you can bring down and have set out at your reception! Everything is completely customizable and the consultants will work with your wedding vision to put together your floral dream.

Based out of British Columbia, the company prides itself on giving each bride the opportunity to make your floral order as unique and personal as possible. They are very specific on the flowers that they order, so to avoid disappointment, order early and give them as much time as possible! Everything is done in studio so correspondence is very easy via phone or email for all those that do not like in the area.

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