Trash Your Dress?

Ever wonder what to do with your wedding dress after the “big day”?  Wouldn’t you love to get back into your gown for one last photo shoot?  Many of our destination brides are feeling this exact urge and are choosing to have a Trash the Dress session to fulfill it!

While to industry peeps, trashing the dress is concept we’ve touted for a long time, to newly engaged brides and grooms, this novel concept is only growing in popularity. A Trash the Dress session, also known as” Rock the Frock”, “Fearless Bridal” or quite simply “TTD”, is an artistic way of capturing brides and grooms in their glamorous attire in an out of the norm environment.  These environments are quite often such that clothing may get ripped, wet or tattered.  But for those of you who love the idea of a creative photo shoot with your love shots, why not take advantage of the beautiful surroundings? After all, when are you going to get the opportunity to wear the dress again?

One of the most popular locations for Trash the Dress sessions is the beach, making it a no brainer for our clients! And two of the most experienced “Trash the Dress” photographers are none other than the husband and wife duo that makes up the delSol Photography team in the Riviera Maya. They are responsible for the most beautiful of these photos, especially the underwater “mermaid” picture (first one).

Other locations that tend to be popular are parks and forests, busy city streets and abandon buildings. And yes, Trash the Dress sessions aren’t for everyone… but for those of you who are keen, make sure to ask your photographer if they have a wedding package that includes a post wedding session.

And for those of you who can’t imagine trashing your beloved gown, why not purchase a less expensive gown for this particular occasion, I promise you won’t regret it!

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