Mix & Match your Wedding Day! From your head to your toes…


Weddings carry such a wide variety of meaning depending on who you talk to, but to nearly everyone they are a way to let your creative side run wild!!


From making their own paper or fabric flowers, to creating maps of the area their getting married in, to having photos of their guests in lieu of place cards, brides and grooms are using their wedding as a way to really express themselves and their unique style…. So why stop with décor? I’m loving the look these days of mix-&-match bridesmaids and groomsmen, from their head to their toes! Stay with the traditional suit and tie, but play with the cufflinks, or go all out and have everyone in different colors but all under one theme… think out of the box and use this as just another opportunity to show your guests and loved ones just who you are!

  1. eric says:

    Love it. As a photographer, its always nice to see some variance in the wedding/wedding party. Keeps it fresh!

  2. Susan Hydzik says:

    Another photographer chiming in here… think this idea is fabulous, and so easy-going for a destination wedding it just fits!

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