As wedding planners, we are asked all the time by our brides and grooms what they should get their better half as a wedding gift. As more and more people are diverting from the traditional wedding customs and coming up with their own unique twists to their wedding, the same is occurring when looking for […]

Great Gifting

July 2, 2013

Each fall Restoration Hardware puts out a great Holiday gift catalogue filled with retro-inspired stocking stuffers and such. We think these finds (and “blasts from the past”) would make some great gifts for your bridal party or as part of your welcome bags. Time to stray from the norm… Whiskey Stones for your scotch drinking […]

Amazing Retro Gifts

November 7, 2012

Wedding gifts and favours do not have to be “typical” or ordinary. Why not make them cool and extraordinary? Restoration Hardware has a bunch of fun ideas to consider. Here are some favourites that we’ve chosen…

Gifts Galore!

February 25, 2011