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As wedding planners, we are asked all the time by our brides and grooms what they should get their better half as a wedding gift. As more and more people are diverting from the traditional wedding customs and coming up with their own unique twists to their wedding, the same is occurring when looking for a gift. Below we have outlined options for the practical, traditional and unique gift givers looking for some help!

Gifts from Bride to Groom

Traditional: a watch or set of cufflinks are as traditional as it comes. Add in a little personal touch by customizing the cufflinks to match his wedding band, favourite sports team or initials and wedding date. White Truffle, a shop found on Etsy, has some amazing cufflinks that you can customize for your special man.

Practical: Last Name Change. If you have decided to take your soon to be hubby’s last name, why not turn this into his gift? Send him a special note or picture of yourself holding up a sign that says “Future Mrs…”

Unique: “His day” on your honeymoon! Surprise your guy with a special event/day trip while on your honeymoon that he’d be super into. Since the focal point of the wedding day is really on the bride, it is nice to be able to take a day and celebrate him with his own personal day right after the wedding. Whether it’s a special snorkeling trip, tickets to a game, dinner at the best bbq place around, do what you think he would love! He will love you for it J

Gifts from Groom to Bride

Traditional: Jewelry…what girl doesn’t love jewelry as a gift? A set of diamond earrings to match her engagement ring is a classic choice. For a more personal touch, think about a charm bracelet with a charm that has some significance to your first date, engagement or other meaningful event the two of you have shared.

Practical: Massage appointment – book your wife to be a personal massage at the location she will be at the morning of her wedding. Have the masseuse show up and surprise her. She will be so relaxed and ready to walk down that aisle to you!

Unique: A right hand ring- find an antique ring (whether from a store, or something that has been in either of your families that you have touched up to fit her style) with a blue stone. This way, the your bride will have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue all in one gift.

These are just a few of our favourite ideas. We would love to hear your suggestions below as what you think would make a great wedding gift, or what you have given!

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