Amazing Retro Gifts

Each fall Restoration Hardware puts out a great Holiday gift catalogue filled with retro-inspired stocking stuffers and such. We think these finds (and “blasts from the past”) would make some great gifts for your bridal party or as part of your welcome bags. Time to stray from the norm…

Whiskey Stones for your scotch drinking friends. These cubes are perfect for keeping your drinks cold without ice melting excess water into your drinks.

Pocket Bocce sets are a perfect gift for anyone. Who doesn’t love to play a good round of bocce ball every now and then?

The Pocket Guide to Mischief is a funny idea for any troublemakers in your life.

Mini World Time Alarm Clock is perfect for any of your jet setting friends that need to know the time from Caracas to Karachi.

A Harmonica – need we say more than this is just a very cool present.

This round Flask is perfect for a little on-the-go sipping… and it’s shaped like a stopwatch.

The Go Anywhere MP3 Speakers are the perfect travel companion. Light and sleek for your carry on.

The Life of the Party Kit is a perfect addition to any welcome bag. It’s a hangover kit suitable for the morning after the wedding.

Glow in the Dark Stars – who else had these on their ceiling growing up? I can remember rocking out to some Dark Side of the Moon looking up at my cool stars. Bring back some flashbacks for your friends too.

Retro Yo-yo – great for the kiddies or grown-up kiddies in your life.

Travelling Table Tennis sets that you can set up on the go on any dining table. Anyone for an impromptu game?

The Sip ‘N Swirl – a fun gag gift which might come in handy at one of the welcome parties. You never know…

The Roll Up Travel Charger speaks for itself. It’s perfect for keeping everything full power, all at once.

The Robot – this is just pure old fashioned fun.

Nesting Shot Glasses that come in a handy leather pouch. Great gift.

Marbles – when was the last time you played marbles?

Popsicle Stick Charades. Great game to play when sitting around the resort, getting to know each other over some drinks.

The Bheestle – have you ever dropped your iPhone into water? If so, drop your close-to-damaged phone in this bag, seal it overnight and presto!

Card Games – despite the word “children” on the box, these are some of the most old school, classic card games – ones that bring back great memories. Old Maid, Hearts, Rummy and Crazy Eights! Game on.

What do you think?

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