Simple and elegant destination wedding florals

A destination wedding décor trend we’re loving for the coming year is simple and elegant floral arrangements. You can achieve this look by using one type of flower, sticking to the same color or using a single flower in your bouquet. From the ceremony arch to the reception centerpieces and the bouquets and boutonnieres, you can carry this trend throughout your décor! We put together some of our favorite minimalist floral ideas so you can get inspired for your own destination wedding.

Single color florals

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For a simple and classic look, choose flowers all in the same color. Whether you go for all white, all pink or all red, having all your florals in the same color will give your ceremony and reception venues an elegant feel. Plus, it’s easy to coordinate all your décor when everything is the same color! Mono-color florals are also a great way to highlight the natural beauty of your destination. We especially love the look of a single-color arch against the backdrop of the blue ocean or white-sand beach.

Mono-floral arrangements

Another popular minimalist floral trend is to use only one type of flower for your arrangements. This trend, which is known as mono-florals, can be achieved by using just one type of flower like all roses, all lilies, all peonies and so on. You can incorporate this look into imperial or banquet-style receptions, with multiple short vases containing mono-floral arrangements extending along the length of your tables.

Single flower bouquets

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Another minimalist trend we love is using only one flower for your bridal bouquet. Whether you’re carrying a large rose, a star gazer lily or a beautiful protea, a single flower bouquet is a simple and elegant statement piece that will have all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle.

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