Pre-Wedding Pampering at NIZUC Resort & Spa

NIZUC SpaA question we get from a lot of our couples is what to expect when they are in destination, will they be tied up in a lot off meetings, will they be able to relax at all before the wedding, etc. To put it simply, your only responsibility when you are in destination is to just enjoy the experience! We want you to be able to make the most of your trip with your friends and family, which is why we can’t help but get excited when we learn about unique experiences offered by resorts. Most recently, the NIZUC Thermal Experience.
NIZUC SpaNIZUC SpaImagine it’s the day before your wedding. You want to do something special with your bridal party, but you also want to ensure that you are feeling rested and rejuvenated the next day. The NIZUC Thermal Experience is a 10 step one-of-a-kind spa experience design to “reconnect with your body, replenish you energy, and refresh your soul.”
NIZUC SpaThis guided circuit of hydrotherapy includes:

  • Aromatic steam room with eucalyptus and body scrubs
  • Revitalizing showers
  • Sauna
  • Ice fountain with cool mist shower
  • Relaxation Solarium
  • Outdoor spa pool with water cascades
  • Indoor relaxation lounge with refreshments including herbal teas and fresh fruit
  • Vitality pool with hydro-massage
  • Cold plunge pool
  • Thermic loungers, where you will be treated to a scalp massage and soothing eye lotion pads

In addition to the Thermal Experience, there is a wide variety of other treatments offer by the spa. Many of these offerings draw inspiration from the ancient Mayan rituals, such as the NIZUC renewal which includes a purification of the skin using sea salt and pure Mexican agave followed by a meditative massage using warm gemstones revered by the Mayans for their healing properties.
NIZUC SpaRelaxing and getting pampered with some of the most important people in her life is a long standing tradition for many brides in the days leading up to their wedding, and the spa at NIZUC has truly drawn on that to create the perfect pre-wedding pampering experience!

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