Statement Destination Wedding Hair Accessories

LUXE Destination WeddingsTraditionally, the wedding veil has been the signature accessory for brides making their way down the aisle. Nowadays, brides (and their bridesmaids!) can feel like they’re walking down a fashion runway as they sport the latest trends in hair accessories that speak true to their personal style. From romantic to playful to bold, these are some of our favourite accessory styles!

SEASHELL hair accessories
Dress your hair with mermaid charm at your beach wedding with seashells and starfish. It’s the perfect accessory to add to your sea salted hair for that quintessential beach bride look.
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BOHO hair accessoriesYou don’t have to be an Indie chick to want to rock an exotic headpiece that dangles beautifully on your forehead. The benefit of this style is that you can choose a headpiece that’s simple or ornate as you’d like it to be.
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Vintage Chic

VINTAGE hair accessoriesVintage hair accessories add a dazzling touch of femininity to any blushing bride. From lace, to feathers, to soft chiffon head scarves, you can feel as glamorously beautiful as any silver-screen starlet with these headpieces.
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Nature Inspired

NATUREThese nature-inspired hair accessories are perfect for the outdoorsy gal at heart. From leaves, to butterflies, to a bird’s nest (thanks, Carrie Bradshaw!) stay in tune with nature with these refreshing pieces.
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 PEARLIf seashells aren’t your style but you still want to give homage to the beach theme, why not adorn your hair with pearls? Whether you wear a pearl headpiece or have drops of pearls scattered around your hair, this look adds an instant glam factor with a touch of beach whimsy.
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FLORALFlower crowns have made a significant fashion statement over the past years and it’s no surprise why. They add a fresh and youthful charisma to your look. Pastel spring florals around your crown or tropical flowers tucked behind your ear or in your braid are a fun way to decorate your hair.





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