Nail Perfection

Every bride needs the perfect manicure – that goes without saying – and ensuring that your manicure compliments your wedding vision and overall look is very important (Not to mention you want to show off that gorgeous ring that’s about to get a partner)! There are a number of polishes out there that label themselves as “wedding colours” but we suggest you select a colour that will match your skin tone, the season and your wedding style. Don’t be afraid to go with a bright vibrant colour on those nails if that fits your personality and wedding vision (or maybe this will be your “something blue”)!

Another important factor, especially for a destination wedding, is whether you have a traditional manicure or a shellac manicure. If unfamiliar with shellac, it’s a non-chipping gel based formula that lasts at least 14 days. It is perfect to get before the wedding/honeymoon and not have to worry about it while you lounge by the pool or play a game of beach volleyball – but there are some down sides to shellac as well that you should look into before determining which method is right for you!

We suggest that you start early, pamper yourself (hey – you are only a bride once!) and try out lots of colours to see what works best with your skin tone. Here are a few of our wedding planners favorite colours for the big day:

OPI: (1) Bubble Bath, (5) The Thrill of Brazil, (10) Rose Exuberant

Essie: (2) Allure, (4) Using my Maiden Name, (8) Boat House

MAC: (3) Faint of Heart

Chanel: (6) Emprise, (7) Lilis

Deborah Lippmann: (9) Baby Love

Side note: ever thought about how fun it would be to be the person in charge of coming up with the names for all the nail polishes? They are always so fun!! Let us know your favorite colour that you will wear (or did wear!!) on your big day!

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