Memories Jibacoa

Memories JibacoaLooking for a Caribbean wedding vacation spot that offers a more intimate atmosphere with plenty of personality for your wedding guests? Memories Jibacoa has a notable number of returning visitors because of their amazing staff that welcomes you in like family and, of course, the resorts unique features.

Memories Jibacoa

Located right at the mouth of the Rio Jibacoa, Memories Jibacoa is surrounded by 100-meter high lush green hills, and fronted by a white sandy beach beneath your toes; this location offers remarkable beauty all around. Your wedding guests can experience true nature up close with the resort’s snorkelling and scuba diving services too. To add, during their week-long stay, they can easily travel into the big city, Havana, Cuba that’s located less than 1 hour away.

Snorkeling - Memories Jibacoa

Memories Jibacoa is a really great spot to for you and your wedding guests to experience Cuba, relax, and enjoy your special day! To learn more of their wedding services, we can help walk you through it.North Garden Location

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