Less is More – Minimalist Wedding Dresses

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can certainly be overwhelming, but lately we’ve been living by the motto ‘less is more’, and we’re loving it. There are so many different dress styles and materials out there, from tulle and sequins to layers of fabric, extravagant and show-stopping dresses have always been a go-to. But recently we’re especially loving a more minimalistic look – clean lines, traditional, and simply beautiful. And trust us, minimalist wedding dresses are anything but basic or boring – we’re thinking more along the lines of classic and timeless. Wearing a simply elegant dress allows you the option to keep your overall look more minimal, or to play around more with added accessories and floral. There are so many different ways to pull this off! There is something so chic about a simple minimalist look. Here are just a few of our favourites.

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