Kim and Shaun’s Destination Wedding – Riviera Maya, Mexico

A BIG congratulations for Kimberly and Shaun on their recent nuptuals at Now Sapphire Riviera Maya! The beautiful photographs below were taken by the Adventure Photos Team. The ceremony was held in a little gazebo off to the side of the lounge where columns, cobble stones and a fountain gave what the bride describes as a “very fairytale feel”. Kim and Shaun exchanged their vows surrounded by 40 of their closest friends and family.

The reception was held in a wide hallway outside of the ballroom, which provided a very cozy, intimate atmosphere for their small group. Very private, but still open to the outdoors. There were fountains flowing in the background, soft purple lighting and a live saxophone player that created a romantic reception.

Kim was nice enough to send us the following note:

“Everything went fantastically!! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and definitely everything we dreamed of. Our guests were raving about it being the best wedding they had ever attended.

Absolutely everything went perfectly. No major catastrophes, not even any real glitches. It was so relaxed and laid-back exactly as we wanted it with just our close friends and family. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding. Thank you Laura for everything you have done for us to make this dream wedding happen. I could not have done it without you!”

Wishing Kim and Shaun all the best as them embark on their marriage and so happy that it started out as perfectly as it did!

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