Iberostar Hotels & Resorts helps couples go green

Wedding couples have increasingly put more emphasis on making sustainable choices and reducing their carbon footprint for their big day. Whether it’s opting for digital wedding invites, asking for charitable donations instead of gifts, or donating their wedding décor, eco-friendly options and alternatives have become much more readily available to consumers, giving the sustainable wedding trend a longer lifespan.

Couples who choose to exchange vows with an environmentally-friendly twist in some of the most stunning natural environments in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica can do so with peace of mind at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts. With an unwavering commitment to ocean conservation and contributing to the evolution of sustainable tourism, the resort chain offers multiple wedding planning options tailor-made to you that not only take care of your customized needs but Mother Nature’s as well.

Ever Green Weddings

Through an ethos of sustainability, green weddings are a natural extension of Iberostar’s brand identity and the Ever Green Weddings package helps curate an elevated look and feel for your big day with minimal impact on the environment. The Iberostar team plans every detail with sustainable principles while still maintaining the highest standards of luxury, quality, and service, all for an authentic and personalized wedding experience that is within your budget.

When you move forward with the Ever Green Wedding package, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint with a number of eco-friendly alternatives, including omitting table linens to reduce laundry, plated meals instead of a buffet dinner to minimize waste, greenery or locally sourced, in-season florals, reusable or biodegradable signage, fine flatware to eliminate single-use plastic, and a menu made with fresh, homemade, and locally-sourced ingredients to reduce carbon emissions.

Weddings Unpackaged

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts have eliminated the traditional wedding package approach to ensure that each wedding is as unique as the couple getting ready to say “I do.” The key at Iberostar? Instead of telling you what they have, it’s all about what you want. Iberostar’s team of highly trained consultants specialize in wedding planning and know exactly how to tailor the day and experience so that it satisfies every one of your wedding dreams. They also come equipped with expert knowledge and recommendations on how you can achieve your wedding-day goals in destination with sustainability in mind, offering eco-friendly alternatives and stunning venues to match your green thumb.

Plus, when you get married at an Iberostar property in paradise, you’ll love the element of exclusivity as there will never be more than one other wedding happening at the same time. This means that your day is truly your day.

Wedding Week

Quite often wedding couples can feel that they didn’t have enough quality time with their guests, so Iberostar found a way to ensure that while you live out your sustainable wedding dreams, your guests experience their own share of the magic right alongside you. During Iberostar’s Wedding Week events, the wedding team will do all the heavy lifting and create a customized eco-friendly itinerary for your entire group with events designed for bonding and adventure. You’ll be presented with a list of options à la carte style that can include anything from a welcome beach bonfire to off-site excursions, butler service on the beach, pampering at the spa, and more – simply pick what excites you (and Mother Nature) most and they’ll make it happen!

To kick off your Wedding Week, your guests will be gifted a Welcome Basket with special items and treats inside as a thank you for making the trip. Plus, kids can enjoy the resort’s pop-up star camps with supervised activities while parents enjoy some adults only time with the group.

The details matter on your big day and when you choose to start the next chapter of your life at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts in the Caribbean, the team has it covered – and done in a sustainable and responsible way – so all you need to do is focus on enjoying your fairy-tale wedding with those you love most.

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