8 ways to incorporate baby’s breath into your big day

Often considered a filler flower, baby’s breath is taking the wedding industry by storm and quickly becoming one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in 2022. From wedding arches to lavish instillations, centerpieces, and personal bridal design, baby’s breath can elevate your big day to become the most memorable event yet. Keep reading for 8 different ways you can add this delicate flower to your wedding day events!

Skip the ribbon, add baby’s breath

For an ethereal touch, tuck some sprigs of baby’s breath in your bridal braids or weave them into a flower crown that you can wear during your ceremony and reception. Perfect for any hairstyle, this delicate flower is a timeless addition to your look and stands on its own should you forgo the traditional veil.  

Modernize the bridal sash

Forget the traditional silk and chiffon sash or floral bouquet for you and your bridesmaids. A floral garland made purely of baby’s breath pairs beautifully with lightly-colored attire, such as a pale pastels, blush, or champagne, that your party can wear down the aisle for an added touch of softness.

Keep the boutonnieres classic

Partners opting to wear the boutonniere don’t have to go to the extreme in order to make a statement. The simple yet impactful baby’s breath boutonniere compliments any style but is best suited with more muted shades such as tan, light gray, or pale blue, or rich color tones like a striking cobalt or navy blue.

Add drama with an installation

Splurge for the A-list, Instagram-worthy moment with plush rows of baby’s breath lining the aisle and a dramatic installation waiting for you at the end to say, “I do”. There’s no such thing as too much baby’s breath as the more you incorporate, the more depth you’re giving your space while still keeping the light and whimsical atmosphere you desire.

Incorporate opposing textures in your arbor

Opposites attract – in romance and in your design! Marry cool metals and bold wooden arches with the softness of baby’s breath, weaving in fluffy tufts throughout. Baby’s breath can be used to add dimension and texture when combined with other flowers, feathers, or pampas grass, plus, it makes for a stunning photo op when set against natural backdrops. 

Adorn your bridal table

Make a statement with your head table. If it’s small with place settings for two, instead of a centerpiece or tabletop elements, place a few large gatherings of baby’s breath at your feet. This would help to ground your head table, particularly if you chose lighter linens, balance out the rest of your décor, and most importantly, keep the focus on the two of you.

Alternatively, you can incorporate large tufts of baby’s breath mixed with other stunning flowers for a long, flowing display that sits on the edge of your rectangular head table, one that’s home to your wedding party for the day. It takes the place of a centerpiece without losing the drama and impact. 

Make your centerpieces a main attraction

Who says romance is just for the betrothed? Make your day a romantic occasion for all and elevate your guest tables with centerpieces made entirely of baby’s breath. We love the drama and Alice in Wonderland effect that comes with larger-than-life, spherical displays and gold-plated stands. For a classic look, you can pair the slightly oversized flower bundle with a simple glass vase and subtle inclusions on each place setting or swap out the linen table runner with small bundles of baby’s breath to achieve a laidback, beachy vibe.

Design your cake to be a part of your decor

Dress up three tiers with beautiful baby’s breath cascading down the side. With the contrast of a more textured icing design, the flower gently resting along the edges adds a simple yet thoughtful touch that makes it a piece of art – and nearly looks too good to eat!

These are just some of the many ways to incorporate baby’s breath into your wedding day. What’s your style?

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