Your Destination Wedding Guest list

The majority of destination weddings will have a slimmer guest list than a hometown fete. And that statement is usually interpreted in a positive light by brides and grooms, as part of the allure of the Destination Wedding is being wed in an intimate setting with only a small number of your nearest and dearest in attendance. However, what happens when some of those important people can’t come?

In a perfect world, your plans work flawlessly for everyone, but life isn’t always exact. Sometimes a sibling, cousin or best friend just can’t make it. Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s money, maybe they are having a baby… the list of “maybes” goes on. In all cases, these people wish they could be there and would do anything to be part of the event, but it’s just not always possible. Heck, it happened to me personally, so I really understand.

How does one cope with this stress? Should you cancel the wedding all together? Change the date? Well no, those options are not realistic, but it can be a hard pill to swallow. The show must go on without a key player.

My advice is to take the news like a champion and understand that life sometimes gets in the way of plans. You have to understand that people’s priorities are well intentioned, and then move on. Don’t be mad, even though it’s hard not to be. You’re not going to lose a friend or family member over this, so graciously let them know that you understand (even if you don’t at the time), and try and figure out a way to celebrate your wedding with this person in another way. That’s what I did…

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