The Caves in Jamaica

One of my favourite hotels in the world is The Caves in Negril, Jamaica. It’s a perfect place for an all-property buyout (think: total privacy and a resort all to yourself!) and a romantic, unique wedding choice for couples seeking something a bit different than the norm. The Caves is part of the Island Outpost family of hotels and it’s charming, quirky and the farthest thing from mass market.

Perched up on the cliffs of Negril, just past famous Seven Mile Beach, this property is small and intimate. Potential clients always ask the same question: “Will I miss the beach?” as this property isn’t directly on a sandy beach. Without hesitation, I always say not at all. There are so many nooks and crannies that lead you down to the ocean via stone stairs, and the sea is like a big, bright blue swimming pool. Pool ladders are attached to the rocks for easy access to dip in the ocean, and if you have the guts, take the plunge and dive off the cliff. I’m a big suck, and didn’t do it (maybe afraid of heights), but if you ever get the chance, go for it!! For your wedding location, the ocean backdrop is a perfect for both your ceremony and reception. Get more information and photos about The Caves.

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