Getting married at RIU in a post-pandemic world

Riu Republica

2020 was a difficult year for weddings, with lots of couples having to postpone their big day or plan a smaller and more intimate celebration. With weddings in Canada becoming more difficult, quite a few couples are adapting to the times by switching to destination weddings or eloping to paradise.

As couples shift their wedding plans, hotels and resorts in the tropics have adapted to the times by introducing new regulations, protocols and policies to make sure that you can say “I do” safely and responsibly. Plus, getting away to a tropical location for some R&R is a great way to make it through these difficult times!

While there are lots of popular resort options down south, one hotel chain that we love is RIU Hotels & Resorts. There are locations across the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America with high-quality service and amenities across the brand. RIU was also one of the first hotel chains in the tropics to reopen their doors after the lockdown – which means they’re now well-versed in health and safety protocols and have stringent policies in place.

To help you feel comfortable about travelling for your destination wedding, we put together a handy guide on RIU’s policies in a post-pandemic world.

Riu Dunamar

What are RIU’s policies when it comes to weddings?

Luckily when it comes to the wedding itself, RIU’s policies won’t affect the overall elegance of your ceremony or reception and are designed to help you have a safe and beautiful wedding.

  • – Guests don’t have to wear masks during the wedding, although temperatures are taken prior to the events and hand sanitizer is provided.
  • – During your reception dinner, tables will be spaced six feet apart, with a maximum of six people per table to abide by social distancing guidelines.
  • – Dinner will not be self-serve and will be either a touchless buffet or plated service.
  • – Dancing at the reception is still allowed – you’ll have a great time partying the night away!

What are the policies in place around the resort throughout our wedding week?

Checking in and around the resort:

  • – When you arrive at the hotel to check in (wearing masks), your temperature will be taken and you’ll be asked to sanitize your hands.
  • – Floor markings and tape have been installed around the resort to ensure social distancing when waiting in lines, using the elevators, etc.
  • – Paper schedules have been eliminated and resort info can be found either on large screens in the lobby or on the RIU app.
  • – Reinforced personal hygiene procedures have been implemented, including gloves and masks for all staff.
  • – Resort shop capacities have been reduced to promote social distancing.

Restaurants and dining:

  • – Restaurant hours have been extended so that the maximum number of people permitted in the space at any time is not exceeded.
  • – All restaurant and bar tables have been placed six feet apart and will be disinfected after each use. The tablecloths and individual use and packaged cutlery and serviettes are disposable after use.
  • – Menus for food and drinks will be displayed on large screens within the venue and are also available via the RIU app.
Riu Palace Paradise Island


  • – Resort activities will be carried out while maintaining social distancing and will be hosted outdoors and in larger venues whenever possible. Some activities will also take place multiple times a day to prevent large lines and crowds.
  • – Guest temperatures will be taken prior to all activities and any equipment used will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each activity.
  • – All contact sports activities have been removed from the event calendar.

Spas, gyms and pools:

  • – Strict protocols have been implemented for changing towels.
  • – All spa appointments will be single appointments only to avoid crowding and promote physical distancing.
  • – Disposable protectors will be used on massage beds and other equipment.
  • – All fitness equipment is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, and disinfectant and hand sanitizer have been provided in all gyms for guests to use during workouts.
  • – Swimming pool capacities have been reduced and sun loungers are placed two metres apart for clients from different families in addition to being disinfected daily.
Riu Negril

Cleaning and sanitization:

  • – High-contact areas are frequently cleaned and disinfected with strict supervision of dishwashing, laundry and monitoring of water systems.
  • – Laundry is washed with ozone and detergent and then dried at a temperature above 60ºC. Sheets, towels and other linens are dried at a temperature of 150ºC

Additional health and safety protocols:

  • – A Crisis Management Team has been set up to manage incidents quickly and effectively.
  • – Staff have been trained on COVID-19 protocols, personal hygiene and the use of PPE with regular follow up training sessions.
  • – Confinement protocols have been developed in case of an outbreak, along with illness reporting systems and ensuring medical support is available if needed.

RIU is committed to keeping you and your guests healthy and safe throughout your wedding week. For more information on how to book, speak to your LUXE destination wedding planner or travel account manager today!

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