Funny Gift Guide

Here’s a compilation of funny, funky, silly and otherwise gifts that might work well for bridal parties, holiday thank yous to your loved ones and more. I don’t know about you, but it’s always fun to find gifts that are a little bit different from the norm.

Babushka Cups: For no other reason than they are adorable!

Birds on a Wire: Adorable way to hang photos. Might double as wedding decor, depending on your theme.

Mood of the Day Notes: A cute gift with the right person in mind (namely a sarcastic or otherwise silly friend that would appreciate the humour).

Borrow My Pen: With a message personalized so that people will not forget to return it to you. Or else they’ll laugh out loud when they read the message over and over again.

Bread Heads: Awesome idea for your little ones that need a little fun and encouragement in their eating habits. Yes, I’ll have a Mr. Cute tuna sandwich for lunch please!

Jazz Cubes: Be the talk of your party when you stir your cocktail with one of these cute sticks.

Fist Mug: Not necessarily the most stylish piece of the season (nor the nicest sounding name), but looks super comfortable for holding your morning coffee. Especially handy on those “tired” mornings (you know what we’re talking about).

Face plates: Equally suitable gift for the little kids or big kids in your life. The scrambled egg bohemian plate is a runner up to the angry carrot eyes.

Matryoshka Keys: I hate having to remember which key belongs to which on my key chain. These are just a more cute and stylish way of doing so!

While You Were Out Cold Notes: Just a little fun spin on a regular sticky pad. Know your audience when buying these kind of gifts.

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