Annual Groomsmen Gift Guide

This is our favourite blog post of the year. The annual boys gift guide (for Groomsmen Gifts, a la awesome stocking stuffers) is filled with our favourite finds from Restoration Hardware. Hope it’s not too late to get out and buy some of these cool finds!

5 in 1 Money Clip
This seems like a guy’s guy kind of fantasy. Money clip attached to Swiss army type appendage.

Don’ts For Golfers Book
A quirky how to for your golf buddies. Or perhaps your father-in-law to be?

Joe’s Sticky Stuff
A little dab will do ya. Everyone needs a bit of goo here and there for around the house!

Magnetic Dart Board
You never know when you’re going to have a few spare minutes to pull out the magnetic dart board. Perhaps when sitting around with the boys drinking a few pints. Out pops the impromptu dart board, and bam! you’ve got game.

A bit nerdy looking, but really useful for those dark moments where you need to shine a light on your path.

Nesting Shot Glasses
Not sure this needs any explanation. The leather case is the best part by far.

Pocket Hand Warmers
Warm hands leads to a warm heart and mind. No one likes cold hands!

Pocket Pint
Always a great little friend to pull out when you’re feeling thirsty. You never know when you’ll need this friend.

Pocket Poker Set
This is probably the favourite gift from the whole set. All boys we know would like this poker set, and would be a great travel companion.

Rubik’s Cube
Throw in a little bit of nostalgia with a Rubik’s Cube. With all the digital stuff we’re faced with on a day to day, it’s nice to get back to basics and use your hands to play a tangible game.

Stainless Steel Wallet
An indestructible force for the intrepid traveller in you (or him!).

Wine Lock
Keep your kids or sneaky roommate from drinking your wine. Lock it up and keep your code a secret.

Survivor Iphone Case
Drop it in the water or from a 10 story building (so we think!) and you’ll still have your phone intact. Great gift idea indeed.

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