Fun New Flower Trend: Paper Flowers

The “destination” in destination weddings can sometimes dictate your floral choices. While some brides have their heart set on a specific flower no matter what, if you’re not blessed with an unlimited budget, certain blooms might not be easily obtainable in a specific locale. And certain flowers have a tough time withstanding extreme heat, so it might be wise to seek out viable options suited to your destination.


Also, if you have a specific colour scheme that isn’t friendly to nice flowers (like certain shades of  blue – if hydrangeas aren’t your thing, then what are you thinking?), paper flowers are a good way to bring in hints of colour.


That being said… we’ve discovered a new business created by a stay-at-home mom that might just be a great alternative to enhance your decor for your destination wedding. Introducing Handmade Paper flowers from McFunk90. SAY WHAT? Handmade paper flowers? For a wedding?

These crafty darlings can be modeled after your favourite blooms and add a very artsy look to your overall decor scheme. I particularly like the green flowers pictured below as they remind me of a succculents collection (which I’m still loving these days). What do you think?


  1. Christa says:

    Thank you for the lovely blog about my flowers. I have to say, that your article was one of the nicest things that has been written about my shop. Thank you, you have made my day!
    Have a great day,
    Christa (mcfunk90)

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