Fresh Off the Minted Press

Minted.comIf you’re a regular on our blog you know we love Minted. The company is a platform for independent artists all around the world to submit their designs to be voted on by customers, with the winners being produced and sold globally by Minted. Since the product available from Minted is curated by the general public, graphic designers who aspire to be featured have to go above and beyond with their submissions in order to gain attention. The result is outstanding designs that vary from being modern and on trend, to elegantly classic. No matter what the style is though, each and every design offered by Minted is eye catching, great paper quality, and this latest round of Save the Date’s offered by the company is no different! Check out some of our favourites from the new collection below, and click on any of these designs to take you right to the site. That is, if you can narrow it down to just one!


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