Celebrate your First Married Holiday Together!

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, maybe brides & grooms try to find ways to celebrate their first Christmas together as a newly married couple. In amongst all the shopping, baking and decorating, it is important to step back and leave a few minutes for the two of you to enjoy this time together. Below are a couple of our favourite ways to treasure your wedding and remember this holiday!

Why not take one element from your wedding day and incorporate it into your first Christmas together as a married couple? Use your wedding invitations or vows and combine them with your holiday colours to create a garland around your house or around your tree. Or cut them up and make it into a Christmas ornament! If you choose to do your wedding vows, have his & her glass ornaments for your tree.

Baking & Cooking
Be sure to get your spouse into the kitchen with you! There is something to be said to working side by side in preparing your Holiday Feast or baking away. Pick a family recipe from each side and teach other how to make it – and relive all the memories you two had with your families all while making new memories and traditions of your own.


Why not take a couple of photos of your two decorating together, or going to cut down your first tree as a married couple? There are so many moments during the holidays that you can turn into a photo opportunity to remember this first together.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you do take the time to cherish on another in between racing from family to family! We’d love to hear about your traditions and ideas on how to make your first year as  Happy Holidays from the LUXE Family to yours!!

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