Budget on the Brain

One of the leading issues on our minds (and for good reason) is the economy. It’s touched us all in differing ways and despite economists’ grim forecasting, it’s important to stay positive. For DW brides and grooms out there, how is it affecting you personally? Have your budgets been slimmed down?

destination wedding budget

I’ve specifically asked different LUXE couples now planning their weddings if the economy has affected their decision to have a DW – and five have agreed that it has played at least somewhat of a role!

Despite these economic times, I’m happy to report that destination weddings are still on the rise. As a general rule, marrying away can very well be a more affordable option. When so many couples are digging deeper into their pockets, why not have a wedding that feels comfortable, financially speaking! Of course this notion must be taken with a grain of salt, as there are also great ways to watch your spending at a home wedding, since DWs are not for everyone.

Further, it’s important that couples understand what it means when we say destination weddings are less expensive. I must quell the myth that destination weddings are ALWAYS the cheaper option. Of course, there are MANY ways to pull it off at a great price. But as the DW world becomes more sophisticated with each passing day, brides and grooms are finding that they are able to create their dreams … away. This means vendor pricing comparable to home, and more sophisticated options available. For instance, many high-end photographers have added DWs to their scope, as have hotels catering specifically to a discerning clientele. So those with sophisticated DW dreams, don’t be mislead in thinking it’s automatically going to cost less. My wedding planning mantra in this lifetime is always “you get what you pay for.”

That said (and I needed to interject with the above paragraph because it’s an important message to get across to all interested in DWs), even with a fancy destination affair, the savings aspect will come in the sheer numbers alone. Paying for a ceremony and reception of 40 guests rather than 250 is a huge difference in price. And if you draw from the aesthetic of sun, sand and local flora, then a simple decor route will offer you natural beauty, while keeping your budget in tow.

Your wedding is still going to be amazing if peonies in the right shade of pink aren’t the leading ladies of your bouquet, or if pouring a local brand of champagne instead of your favourite French import is what you’ll have to do to keep your costs at bay. We all need to do what it takes to stay within our means and be respectful to our pockets.

At the end of the day, the best advice I can give in these times is to be mindful of what you want to achieve from your wedding, to set realistic goals, and to be creative in your budgeting. Your wedding will be an amazing and memorable experience no matter what, as long as it’s created with love.

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