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This blog touches on a personal favourite subject of us all at LUXE…the destination groom! Yes, that’s right, numero dos, or the other part of the wedding equation. Without grooms, weddings just wouldn’t be the same—well, technically speaking, they wouldn’t happen! And you may have noticed that I always address both bride and groom when talking about weddings because in this world, the lackadaisical, apathetic groom is a myth of the past…or maybe just a product of old-school, traditional hometown weddings. The days of your hubby-to-be cringing at the thought of attending wedding appointments are over. Destination grooms are a new breed of involved, smart and trend-setting gentlemen, who are genuinely interested in the details and take a leading role in planning many of the destination events.

destination wedding groom

Unlike his aloof hometown body double, the destination groom wants to make sure his guests are well looked after, considering the distance they are travelling to attend the wedding. Generally speaking, the destination groom plans golf or deep-sea fishing excursions for the boys; a night out partying as a last hurrah before the wedding; he organizes cigars and scotch for the wedding (maybe even bringing in a cigar roller); and he wants to make sure that the menu for your reception is worthy.

Since a destination wedding is more than just the “day of” event, the groom will often step it up and take part in the planning. He might even be interested in things like the ceremony location (it’s important to know if he’s going to be barefoot or in flip-flops), and he’s definitely interested in the location. As travel is a major component of the DW, grooms are the 50% decision makers, as it affects their family and friends, too.

destination wedding groom

So ladies, sit down with your men and plan the events together. Don’t assume he’s not interested. I recommend putting together a checklist and then splitting up the planning tasks. Here’s to the destination groom—my new knight in shining armour.

I welcome your suggestions and feedback….

  1. Becky says:

    Awwww… my man will love this article!! Thanks for paying homage to the other half of the wedding!

  2. Great site! I cannot remember too clearly but I think I discovered your blog through a link someone shared on Twitter. . Like the content I have seen so far and will definitely revisit to read more soon. By the way, are you on Twitter?

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