Brooke and Austin’s Destination Wedding in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Congratulations to one of the most amazing couples we have worked with! Brooke’s wedding vision was exceptional to work with and as you will see, her wedding day just came alive. Thank you to Adam Nyholt who photographed the wedding – an amazing team that we would highly recommend from the USA. All the best to the newlyweds on a lifetime of happiness together!

About Brooke and Austin
Occupations: Investment Advisor, Boutique Manager
How they met:  High school! Austin’s senior year and Brooke’s junior year.
What attracted Austin to Brooke: Her personality
What attracted Brooke to Austin: His eyes
What was the best advice you received as a couple?
Don’t stress.  All that matters is each other and as long as you get to say I do everything else will be ok.
Engagement story:
I (Brooke) was in Aruba on a family vacation with my Dad, brother, and a ton of family friends.  They had told me the night before that we were going to have a brunch for my brother’s birthday, which had been the day before, and I could not be late! We get to the brunch and my dad wanted me to sit by him on the end, and with it being so early I didn’t argue with the end seat!  The next thing I know Austin came walking up with a huge bouquet of red roses and gets down on one knee.  It was so perfect and so thoughtful.  After saying “yes” my first question to him was: “who was at home watching my puppies?” followed by tons of celebrating and deciding that day that we would be married in some place tropical!

The Wedding Day
Wedding date: November 23, 2013
Number of guests: 75
Wedding colours:
Mandarin and island colors
Brooke’s most memorable moment:
The location. How many brides get to say they married the love of their life on an island?  Such the most breathe taking, perfect back drop to start my life with the most perfect man.
Austin’s most memorable moment: Brooke walking down the isle
Advice to others:
Try not to stress and remember to breathe and take it all in.
Favourite wedding detail:   Austin:
The private island Brooke: I agree with Austin the private island.
Most unexpected moment:
The fireworks were both of our most unexpected moment! We loved it!
Most romantic moment:  Austin:
Our First Dance Brooke: Eating dinner with him at the reception
Punta Cana, DR
The day in three words:
Austin: Love, Wonderful, Beautiful Brooke: Magical, Fairytale, Bliss

Wedding Details
Ceremony location: Sanctuary Cap Cana: Private Island
Reception location: Sanctuary Cap Cana Ballroom
Why did you choose this location for your wedding? Because of the back drop of the clear blue ocean behind the island speaks for itself, and I am not a big sand person and there was no sand!
Bride’s gown:
Monique Luiller
Bride’s shoes:
Ugg fuzzy flip flops/bare feet
Groom’s outfit:
Men’s Warehouse Linen Suit
Type of rings:
White Gold Bands
Diamond Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings
Bridesmaids dresses:
Watters Bridesmaids in Mandrian all hand picked by each bridesmaid to fit their body type best
Groomsmen attire:
Men’s Warehouse linen suits
Wedding song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Favours: A box of Dominican chocolate
Photographer: Adam Nyholt
Hair & Makeup:
Kristie Ann

Fun Stuff
Astrological signs:  Brooke
: Aquarius Austin: Virgo
What was old?
Brooke carried her dad’s wedding band and her grandmothers wedding band. She carried these to remind her that love is never easy but always worth it.  Their rings were both symbols of how to make your marriage last through their own example.
What was new? Her Aunt Kyla bought her an angel charm to remind her that her mom is always with her and was there in spirit.
What was borrowed?
Brooke borrowed her moms’ necklace and bracelet.  This had always been her plan for a very long time and when she passed away it became even more special to her.
What was blue?
My something blue was my most favourite.  It was flowers from her mom’s silk wedding bouquet the day she married her dad! Her colors were navy and peach and she had kept so many little things from her special day.  It was so special to her to get to put something that she walked down the aisle with to her dad in my bouquet 25 years later.

Tell us about your experience working with LUXE Destination Weddings: There are so many things that I could say about working with Luxe.  From the time I found them and started planning my big day they were so helpful.  They answered every single one of my questions from the start and always made me feel important.  Laura had to deal with a ton of bridezilla moments and she made me feel like I was not crazy and always reminded me that I was not in this alone because she would be there and would make my day perfect.  That is a huge promise to live up to and she surpassed that promise.  She actually walked into the resort in the midst of one of my many melt downs and immediately set all the fires out.  I could go on and on about what a great experience I had working with everyone from Luxe but I will keep it short.  I would have had a very cookie cutter destination wedding if I had not run across Luxe, but they made my wedding so unique and perfect for me.  There is not enough thanks in the world for making my day absolutely everything I have always dreamed of!!


  1. Mary Lamagga says:

    Congratulations! Stunning wedding.

  2. Bryanna Lucier says:

    Beautifulll! So lovely to see a destination wedding that’s not a “cookie-cutter”.

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