Brooch Bouquets

We keep hearing from more and more brides that they want something different when it comes to their bouquets. The standard calla lilies or roses just aren’t meeting the unique needs of some destination brides, especially when the selection on some islands is less than abundant. Although that last sentence might not make sense to some of you (wouldn’t flowers grow wild and many on the islands?), it’s actually a truth that you’ll be looking at imported flowers in many cases, especially if you have very discerning tastes.


Enter these funky brooch bouquets courtesy of the owner of Brooch Bouquets and Floral Fantasy. What an incredible and interesting idea for your bouquet. We discovered this company recently and we are just in awe of how amazing these works of art really are. Brides-to-be are asked to start collecting their favourite brooches and pieces well in advance. We suggest searching through antique and thrift stores to find a mix of interesting pieces. You may even have been handed down a few old pieces from a grandmother or other family member that you’d like to incorporate in the bouquet and make it extra special.


Once you have your pieces ready to go, all you need to do is send them to Brooch Bouquets, and Amanda, the owner, will work with you to put together a gorgeous and unique piece for your wedding day. All of the photos here are the creations of Brooch Bouquets.


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