Shannon and John’s Destination Wedding in Nassau, Bahamas

Newlyweds Shannon and John Kutz were recently married in Bahamas at the always classic and beautiful One and Only Ocean Club. They had such an intimate wedding and we are honored to share this experience with you.  Here are some details about this wonderful couple and their wedding experience.

Occupations: Elementary Teacher; President
How they met: At the neighbourhood Clubhouse
What attracted John to Shannon: Her smile and how we had in common
What attracted Shannon to John: His outgoing personality and how easy it was to talk to him
Engagement story: We had planned a trip to Aruba for our birthdays which mine is June 4 and his the 5th.  On June 3rd, John had made reservations for a table for two right on the sand and he had already let the restaurant know that he was going to propose to me.  Now have evenings like this was not out of the ordinary so I didn’t think anything romantically unusual.  While waiting for our cocktails we took a walk down to the water enjoying the sunset.  Then John got down on his knee and proposed to me.  This couple saw the whole thing and took all of the pictures and sent them to us.  It was very romantic and made us forget about our birthdays because we felt like we were celebrating something even bigger.


The Wedding Day
Wedding date: November 14, 2009
Number of Guests:
Just the two of us
Shannon’s most memorable moment:
When John first saw me in my wedding dress
John’s most memorable moment:
When I saw my wife-to-be for the first time in her dress….WOW!
Advice to others:
Make your wedding day all about you two.  The day becomes more meaningful.  A destination wedding is perfect when it is just the two of you because the whole day is focused solely on you two.  Go back home and have the big party.  The day goes by too fast to worry about entertaining others.  Don’t let the guilt get to you.  Trust me, you’ll have NO regrets!
Fave wedding detail:
My bouquet
Most unexpected moment:
There wasn’t anything unexpected, everything went perfectly as planned.
Paradise Island at the Beach Club
The day in three words:
Fairytale come true

Fun Stuff
Astrological Signs (Shannon) and (John):
Type of Ring:
Personally designed by John
Wedding Colors:
Different shades of purple, yellow and cream
Shannon’s Shoes:
silver sandals
What was borrowed?
What was new?
Wedding dress
What was blue?
Sapphire/Diamond bracelet
Most romantic moment:
When we returned to our room and our butler had decorated our room with rose petals all over and made a huge heart out of rose petals on our bed.  She had balloons and lit candle everywhere and we enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath.

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