Trends We Love – Pom-Poms

It’s a new week, which means we’re obsessing over a new wedding trend. Currently on our list of things to love is pom-poms! There’s something so innately beachy about pom-poms with their bright colors and fluffy texture. That’s what makes them perfect for a destination wedding!


Pom-poms are extremely versatile. To really nail this trend, we suggest using pom-poms as a hanging backdrop on your ceremony structure, decorated delicately on your bridal sandals, placed inside your bridal bouquet as a flower alternative, or dancing down the side of your reception dinner napkins & table runners.


A little goes a long way with pom-poms. You can make a statement with flamboyant pom-pom drop earrings or add them as a final touch on the side of your signature cocktail straws.We also love the look of oversized pom-poms hanging inside your reception tent instead of lighting, or spruce up your name tags with pom-poms in your wedding colors.


You really can’t go wrong with adding a little bit of color and fun to your wedding. We can’t wait to see how this trend continues to grow in 2019!

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