2019 Ring Trends

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, it’s always been said to choose something that will never go out of style. Princess cuts and round solitaires have stayed on top when it comes to ring trends, but in 2019 we have seen more alternative styles that have been rising in popularity. Oval and pear shape diamonds dominated in 2018. In 2019 we have been seeing those same cuts, but set in a more unique way. Blu Boho has shown some stunning new styles such as this off center pear shaped diamond, and this vertically placed pear shape diamond with a delicate halo.

If you’re not into a traditional colorless diamond, we have been seeing a rise in black gems that make beautiful center stones. We love this oval or pear shaped option from Tabert Goldsmiths paired with the delicate gold pave band. Edgy meets feminine with this off-beat style.

The cliché of being proposed to with your grandmother’s engagement ring might actually be a good thing, since Vintage rings are making a comeback. We have been loving floral halos and marquise cuts which are linked closely to the 1960’s.  We’re also crushing on black speckled engagement rings which perfectly combine vintage and modern style.

We’re seeing a rise in popularity for emerald cut diamonds and three stone rings. The emerald diamond is clean and simple, and the elongated shape makes the center stone look larger than a round or princess cut. After Meghan Markle’s engagement to Price Harry in late 2017, we started seeing more three stone engagement rings. With more finger coverage, this style is a killer for making the whole setting look larger than having a single stone.

Art deco inspired rings are trending with their 1920’s look. Our favorite art deco rings are from Heidi Gibson who named her most popular ring fittingly after the Great Gatsby. This design features small baguette diamonds in a starburst shape surrounding the center stone. This style of ring is different and definitely for the more dramatic or daring bride. For brides who love this style but are looking for something slightly more subdued, Heidi also has another design called the Rhapsody Petite which features a pear shaped diamond with a double halo.


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