“Will You Marry Me?”

January 9, 2015

Destination Weddings

You don’t need to do it on the Jumbotron at your favourite sporting event, have a skyscraper fly by, or spend a ridiculous amount of money to show your loved one that you want to get married. Nothing wrong with going the old traditional route, as it’s really about showing your love and commitment. Here are a few adorable ideas to consider….

1. Puppy Love

You’ve talked at length about getting a dog together … why not use this as an opportunity to prove your commitment to her (or him) and propose? Taking care of an animal together is a big commitment, and a great way to start your life together! Tie the ring onto a bow around the puppy’s collar.


2. Take a Hike

There’s no doubt that the gods are in nature. Going for a walk in the great outdoors is likely to put you both a good mood, and perhaps there is a special end spot like a gorgeous lookout or a waterfall. Make it memorable and meaningful – perhaps bring a little picnic and some bathing suits for a swim.


3. Where you Met

Where did you first meet? Can you recreate the first date or first moment you remember laying eyes on each other? Was it perhaps a place from childhood? High school? An old job? In Greece? The best proposals are ones that are of personal significance to the couple, and few things are more significant than the first time you met. Any other places that have served as the setting for big milestones would be great to revisit!