What to Wear?

Having difficulties finding the perfect wedding dress? While many brides-to-be have dreamt about the perfect gown for years, you might also be in the other camp of ladies that haven’t a clue. Fret not; there is a gown or dress out there for you!

Wedding dresses have never been more trendy and sophisticated. There is a dress to suit everyone’s individual style and personality. Brides are opting to have bit of fun with their wedding dress selection as weddings become more and more unique to each individual couple.
We always tell our destination beach brides to consider wearing a shorter wedding dress. There is nothing worse than collecting sand underneath a ton of crinoline as you walk down the aisle. Shorter wedding dresses are more popular than ever before!

And while white is the right colour for the more traditional bride, don’t be afraid to introduce colour into your dress. Why not find a shade that perfectly suits your skin tone… after all, not everyone looks amazing in ivory.

Be bold in your dress selection! Ice blue, champagne and soft pink are among the numerous colors to choose from. Or tie a coloured sash onto a white dress as another way to introduce colour.

Wedding Dress8Wedding Dress13

This is your big day, so no matter what style and color of dress you choose, make sure to wear something that makes you feel fabulous!

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