WeddingDJ App for Weddings!

More and more brides and grooms are looking at places to save money at their destination wedding by bringing and playing their own music rather than hiring a DJ. Renting a sound system and playing a continuous stream of music you handpicked throughout your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception or a combination of the 3 can really add a personal touch to your wedding. By bringing your own music, you can ensure that every song is played by the artist or in the version that you desire! With hotels becoming more tech savvy, the majority now offer sound systems that are iPod compatible.

Apple has launched an App for both the iPhone and iPod touch that helps brides and grooms plan out all of the music needed at your wedding in advance. My WeddingDJ gives brides and grooms a stress free way to run music throughout their wedding and have their MC/onsite wedding coordinator simply slide “next” at each part of your wedding! WeddingDJ uses songs and playlists already found in your iTunes to help you create your Music Plan. It suggests parts of your wedding you need music for. There are no awkward silences while skipping to the next song and it fades gracefully for all pauses and stops. The best part of all, the app allows you to modify your Music Plan on the fly and takes requests!

If you are a bride who likes to keep things in your control, head over to the iTunes store to purchase this app for only $1.99. With this app, your reception music will be flawless, however we can’t guarantee the same for the moves that is will produce on your dance floor!

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