We love Postable!

Wedding planning is full of fun, exciting tasks that every bride is excited for. But, there are those tasks the pop up which are a little bit time consuming and not so much fun. The pain in most brides backs — collecting addresses. Postable, an amazing, and totally FREE, service, allows for this task to basically be lifted off your back!! It is a website that collects your guests’ mailing addresses (and if you really want, super easy to write and mail all of your thank you cards).

The address book allows your family and friends to add their mailing information, privately and securely, directly into your own personal address book. Postable provides you with a personalized URL that you can send out to all your guests to instantly start collecting addresses (did we mention this is FREE?!). The site also makes it super easy to export the addresses to excel, gmail, outlook and so on so that you can print your own labels!! Quickly send off to your invitation artist or calligrapher to finalize those envelopes!

This really is a no brainer – super easy, convenient and will take one of those not so fun tasks and turn it around! Let us know if you have any other tips or sites that you’d recommend brides to use to help with the unpleasant tasks!

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