Vintage Wedding Photos

March 14, 2011

Fun Stuff

We are presently working with a bride who is obsessed with vintage wedding photos and antique details. Her dream is to recreate a wedding with hints of style from the 1920s – 1950s (ok, yes that’s a huge gap in styles, but she’s hand picking elements ‘of things past’ that suit her fancy) in a destination wedding setting. It’s certainly unique and ambitious, and through our research and planning, we’ve come across some favourite vintage wedding photos that we’d like to share.

A very modern bride from 1955

What’s really cool, when looking at these photos (even the more “modern” ones) is that the concept of a destination wedding was unheard of. It just goes to show how quickly things change in our fast paced world.

How many attendants can you count? Wow!
Love the hats!

Can you IMAGINE which of these brides would have wanted to have a destination wedding? I bet some would have really loved the concept (but maybe not the couple with 24 attendants)! Enjoy the photos… we really did!