Unique Wedding Trends We Love to See for 2023

The fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of is finally happening, but with the date fast approaching and so many details to organize. It can be difficult to try and keep up with wedding trends – especially as they can change on a dime. While there’s much to explore, it’s important to remember that incorporating what feels best for you and your beloved is the top priority. So, we’ve curated some of our top unique wedding trends of 2023 with our expert insights that’ll make your nuptials stand out from the rest, while still staying true to you. Afterall, the biggest day of your life can and should be the event of the season!

1. film photography

Retro wedding photos are making a comeback and it’s simple to replicate the look for your own wedding! Film photography is the key to capturing photos that combine both a modern and vintage nostalgia that was popular in the 90s. The natural feel of these shots adds a personal touch that brings the magic of the moment to life every time you look back on them.

Make sure your photographer knows their way around the flash to get the lighting just right or let your guests get creative by gifting each table a digital camera (while an added expense)! You’ll be guaranteed some candid photos that are unique to you and your guests and will be anything but tired and traditional. Film photography is just the thing to keep your wedding photos timeless and classic, so you’ll never have to say, “That didn’t age well!”

2. statement aisles

Many people dream of the moment when they see their future life partner walk down the aisle. The room softens to a hush and everyone turns to see the grand entrance – it’s an unforgettable part of your special day! White aisle runners and rose petals may be common choices but in 2023, we’re bidding traditional designs adieu and saying hello to creative aisles that’ll make heads turn.

Try infusing some color, bold flowers, and alternative layouts in your ceremony décor. It’s the perfect opportunity to flex your creativity and make a statement that’ll have guests talking the moment they arrive. We love glass-mirrored aisles, runway style set ups, and winding aisles to keep it interesting!

3. save the last dance

The last dance a couple shares is an intimate moment in a whirlwind day. Between the ceremony, photos, greeting guests, the reception, and more, the biggest day of your life goes by faster than you think, so carve out some time at the end of the night to take it all in with the one that matters the most – your new spouse.

After the last toast has been made, the champagne flutes are empty, and the dance floor is clear, take your partner’s hand to the center of the room for the final act of the night. It’s just you, your love, and the music, in a moment that will last a thousand years from a day that felt like just a few seconds.

4. bring back bright and bold weddings!

The previous few wedding seasons have been dominated by the modern “white wedding.” From shades of nude to the classic white and gold, we say this trend had its time to shine, and we’re making room for bold and vivid pigments! Take a walk on the fun side and give your wedding some much needed color. Whichever you choose will add a personal touch and make your event stand apart from other monochromatic palettes.

Just like your love, your wedding colors should reflect both your personalities and all the ways your romantic story is special and unique. For modern couples looking for that perfect wow factor, try everything from small accents to full spectrums of the rainbow, whether it’s mismatched bridesmaids dresses or multicolored florals!

And that’s a wrap in our top recommended unique wedding trends for 2023! Which one is your favourite? Be sure to save this post to help plan the wedding of your dreams and incorporate the best unique wedding trends of the year!

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