Unique Menu Ideas

Cover Photo 2We see more and more weddings putting creative spins on every aspect of their special day to make it memorable and more customized to their personal style. There are so many different ways to put unique touches on your wedding, one we really love is with regards to the presentation of your dinner menu! The reception is a big part of your wedding day. You’re able to customize so much from the table arrangements and entertainment selections to all of the décor…why not also add a personalized touch to the menu display? We wanted to share with you some of our favourite ways to do this:

Bottles of Wine
Bottle Menu 1 - combined
Many reception tables will include bottles of wine placed directly on the tables for guests to serve themselves. If this is something you will be having, why not attach the menu in a decorative way tied around the bottle neck, or as a label directly on each bottle? This also serves as a great way to display the table number! Once of the great things about this idea is that it’s a very easy DIY for all you crafty brides and grooms.

Mini Chalkboards
Mini Chalkboad Menus 1 - combined
We know lots of brides love the black and white chalkboard trend, and we absolutely love the look of these mini chalkboard stands!

Silverware Wraps
Cutlery Menu 1 - combined
A simple yet elegant way to present the menu, have it conveniently wrapped around each guest’s silverware for a more minimalistic look.

Glass Menu 1 - combined
Have the menu items displayed on plexiglass plaques for a sleek and modern touch. The glass blends well with everything, and is easy to customize with different font colours and handwriting.

Clipboard Menu
Clipboard Menu 1 - combined
If you’re going with a rustic wedding theme, adding mini clipboard menus is a great way to build on this! We love the idea of putting fun and useful twists on items like this.

Paper Bags
Treat Bag Menu 1
Give each guest a special little treat of your choice in a coloured or paper bag, which can double as the menu display!

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