Unconventional Bridesmaids Dress Ideas

Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses can be a challenging task. Many brides are now finding bridesmaid dresses that can better fit their dream wedding and show off their creativity. If you are trying to stay away from traditional bridesmaid dresses and go for something more unique and unconventional, here are some ideas we have for you!

Floral Prints:

Bold, floral prints are becoming increasingly popular for bridesmaids. You can have mismatched prints, identical prints in different colours, or prints with block colours. However whichever combination you decide to go for, make sure you watch out for colours in case the mismatch gets too overwhelming to the eye. Mixing in these prints is a fabulous way to create a chic and vintage look!
Check out Etsy vendor- PennyPardy for custom made vintage floral print dresses!

Back Lace Designs:

We have lace in wedding gowns, so why not bring lace to bridesmaids! Having intricate back lace designs adds texture to the dress, making the dress look more feminine. If the dresses have a simpler cut and front design, the laced back easily make the dress look more elegant and fun!

Mismatched Drapes:

Indie-inspired drapery dresses are a unique way to differentiate your wedding. Dresses made with multiple different materials give the wedding an edgy look, but make sure all pieces are in the same colour palette to avoid overdoing the mismatched idea. Etsy vendor – ArmoursansAnguish does a great customized collection of these drapery dresses!


Two tone combinations are a great way to emphasize that colour contrast. Pale and light colours like ivory go perfectly with solid colours.

Rainbow Heels:

If you prefer simple dress designs and colours but still want to spice up your wedding, why not add in vibrant coloured heels for your bridesmaids? There are so many colours to choose from!


Sequins will make your wedding pop! The shimmers in the dress add glamour to the wedding, and will be a fun way to bring attention to the bride’s gown.


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