Trends We Loved – Dried Flowers

Pampas grass has been a huge player in some of the trendiest weddings of 2020, loved for it ability to add texture and it’s versatility. Since it’s a dried grass, it also holds up incredibly well in heat making it perfect for a destination. We love pampas grass ourselves, but it’s not the only dried flowers that you can work into your wedding day decor! We’ve included for you below some inspiration of how to make this trend work for you, as well as a list of other items you can be incorporating.

Leaves & Fronds – Eucalyptus, Palm, Ferns

Grasses – Pampas, Bunny Tail, Purple Fountain, Wheat

Plants & Flowers – Billy Balls, Artichoke Flowers, Baby’s Breath, Hydrangea, Delphinium, Sedum, Protea, Lavender, Amaranthus, Roses

Seed Pods – Lotus, Eucalyptus, Scabiosa, Poppy Seed

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