Trends We Love – Monochromatic Bouquets

Choosing a color palette for your wedding can be a difficult task. The wedding colors will depend heavily on the season, overall theme, the colors that the wedding couple is most drawn to, and mood that they want to portray.

At most weddings you will see an array of colors — two or three main colors and an accent color. On the other hand, monochromatic draws from one color, shade, or hue. We’re starting to see a trend with monochromatic bridal bouquets, and we absolutely adore it!  

You might think that a monochromatic wedding bouquet would be boring or dull, but we love the idea of adding depth with different hues of the same base color. You can stick with a single floral type such as the classic Rose, or even play with different floral types and textures that complement each other to add a pop to the bouquet.

Monochromatic doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with an all-white bouquet either, it can mean going bold with color. You can also choose to have no floral at all and stick to greenery only. We suggest using a few different variations of greenery to add a subtle texture and depth to the bouquet that will really bring it to life.

Check out the stunning bridal bouquets that we have pulled to illustrate just how interesting and gorgeous monochromatic bouquets can really be.

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