Top Wedding Decor Trends for 2019


Each year brings a new batch of wedding trends, from design concepts to colour schemes and everything in between. These are the top trends for 2019 from our team of wedding experts!


Mix & Match Seating


At both ceremonies and receptions we are seeing more couples getting creative with their seating selection. Gone are the days of one style of chair, and instead a  playful mix of seating types is adding a unique twist to the design concept.



What better way to add a playful edge to your decor than by incorporating some balloons? Not just any balloons though, more and more elaborate set-ups are being created as ceremony arches, bar decor and even menus!

Designer Bars


Sometimes it’s the little details that make a reception space really pop, and the bar set-up is something that is so often gets overlooked. From a more rustic wood set-up, to something entirely clean and modern, this is one area of the decor where a little extra attention goes a long way!

Black & Modern


For the past few years soft pastels and the more natural look have been dominating the wedding world. While we have loved this style, we are also so excited to see more and more couples heading in a completely different direction and creating really clean, modern looks that predominantly feature black as their main colour. We love this new design challenge as people look to mix things up a bit more!

Neon Signs


The best advice we can give a couple is when it comes to designing your wedding make sure it is reflective of you and your relationship. Custom neon signs is a perfect way to do this, whether it’s including the couples name or perhaps a quote or lyric that is meaningful to them and their story.

Flower Hoops


We saw the trend of circular ceremony arches really emerge in 2018, and this trend is continuing to take off with more hoop designs being used in all areas of the wedding decor, including as a replacement for bouquets.

Hanging Florals


Last year we talked about vertical impact, with taller centrepieces taking centre stage again after a long run of lower runner centrepieces being the style of choice. This trend of bringing floral to new heights has continued to develop, and now instead of focusing on just the flowers on tables we are also starting to see more and more flowers hanging from the ceiling as well.

Floating Arches


For quite some time it seemed like the bigger the arch, the bigger the impact was the rule of thumb when it came to designing a ceremony set-up. Well those days are over, as now we are seeing a shift towards more minimalist set-ups and a little design creativity to create the look of a “floating” arch. The look can be created by actually suspending an arch piece, or by using very thin wires or pipes to create the illusion.

Dimensional Lighting


We’ve always loved the look of string lighting to add a bit of ambiance to an outdoor reception space, and now there are more and more options to create a dimensional lighting to up the wow-factor.

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