The Viceroy, Santa Monica

I always love being in California. I’m  a sucker for all her beautiful regions – from the North to the South, it’s something about this state that always leaves me feeling happy. The weather, the beach, the wine and the laid back lifestyle (to name a few) are a great combination for a fantastic wedding locale.

I had the pleasure of staying at the Viceroy Santa Monica a few days ago and it was a treat. They’ve taken one of the older buildings on Ocean Avenue and revamped the inside with a modern, trendy style. The “backyard” (as Matt likes to call it) or the pool area and restaurant is the best part of the hotel hands down. As an event planner, I can see a fabulous venue miles away and this is definitely a place worth considering for an outside wedding reception (if this is a region you’re considering for your wedding).

There is a combination of cabanas, small pools (which I’d either cover over with dance floors – clear ones if possible – or fill with floating candles), lounge areas and the restaurant section, which would be the perfect dining area. Lit with lanterns and candles all around, and some simple flowers to compliment the white, black and green décor would be perfect. Your guests would have the chance to sit down for a formal meal as well as mingle and dance for the remainder of the night.

The food at Whist restaurant is also yummy and we were lucky enough to have been dining there on Monday night when they had their $25 Wine Lover’s Nights ($25 per bottle for ANY bottle of wine). I also did a double take the first time I heard it too – $25 for ANY bottle? So we got to sample a delicious Zinfandel from a smaller winery in the region, which was definitely a treat!

If these photos do not tempt you, spend a few minutes to check out their website. With a location close to the beach, but also close to the shops on Main Street, the Viceroy Santa Monica is a great choice.

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this property. I am thinking about helping my sister get married at this hotel. Can you tell me more about this?

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