The start of a beautiful thing…

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Well it’s about time that LUXE is hosting it’s own blog (that’s what many of you have been thinking, and some people have just come out and said it). Yes, it’s been a long time coming, and we have so many great weddings to showcase, great vendors to introduce, and so much insight to share regarding the world of destination weddings. And as “they” say (and we don’t really know who “they” are) it’s better late than never!

So without futher ado, welcome to the new LUXE Destination Weddings blog!

LUXE hasn’t exactly been “blogless” to date. I’ve enjoyed my tenure as a guest destination wedding blogger for Weddingsbells – a fabulous magazine and source for all things wedding! But the time has come to branch out on our own and we hope to keep our perspective fresh and interesting.

We’d like to open the forum to give all brides and groom’s to-be some great ideas as well as some sanity when planning this big day. The team here is really down to earth and we’d like to help you realize that it’s all going to be OK at the end of the day! We’ve battled hurricanes and global pandemics, so a wedding in relation to Mother Nature’s power is a doable feat!

You’ll be hearing from some of the other fabulous women and men at LUXE as well, so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts, opinions and ideas…

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  1. Wanda Braga says:

    Great blog!I added it to my bookmark so we could visit it again.Love The start of a beautiful thing… « Luxe Blog

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