The Chechen and Chaca Trees at NIZUC

Nizuc Destination WeddingsOne of our favourite venues in Cancun is the reflection pond deck at NIZUC Resort & Spa. Tall Chechen and Chaca trees serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable celebration, especially when adorned with lights to add to the romantic ambiance. There is a rich cultural narrative woven throughout all aspects of NIZUC, and the story of these trees is no different.
Nizuc Destination WeddingsFound scattered throughout the lush forests of Yucatan Peninsula, these trees serve as a dynamic duo: the Chechen tree contains a poisonous sap that is remedied by the nectar of the Chaca tree, which is always found growing near. But how did this phenomenon come to be?

Mayan folklore tells the story of two great warriors, Kinich and Tizic, who were brothers of enormous strength, but of very disparate nature. Kinich, the younger brother was merciful and loved by all, while Tizuc was sullen and drew his strength from the anger and hatred in his heart. When both brothers fell tragically in love with the beautiful Nicte-Ha, they battled to the death for her heart.

The fight was long and brutal—the moon hid for several nights, the sky filled with dark clouds, and the ocean became fierce. Eventually, both brothers died in each other’s arms. In the afterlife, they begged for forgiveness and a chance to return to the world of the living to see their beloved Nicte-Ha once more.

The gods were feeling generous that day and granted their wishes. Tizuc was reborn as the Chechen tree and Kinich as the Chaca tree. The trees now solemnly watch over Nicte-Ha who, having died of grief, was reborn as a beautiful and pure white flower. At NIZUC, you’ll find the trees, growing in the reflection pond near the lobby. Be sure to visit them and take in the beautiful result of this tragic love.


Nizuc Destination WeddingsNIZUC Destination Weddings

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