Sweet Union – Magnolia Bakery and BHLDN

Sigh! There is nothing sweeter than the partnership of Magnolia Bakery and BHLDN! This fantastic New York bakery has just put out their recent wedding cake collection and let us tell you, it’s beyond fantastic!


Their inspiration came from different weddings themes and how to match the wedding cake to the theme. Looking for a whimsy, nostalgic feel and look to your wedding? Then this cake will perfectly pair with that theme. The beautiful detailing of the cream frosting adds to the elegant, whimsical feeling of your dream wedding!

If you’re going for a more modern romantic themed wedding, then this styled cake will match beautifully! This simply elegant cake with pearled detailing all over paired with rose scattered around the cake is what modern romantic is all about with a touch of elegance. This cake is so beautiful; you might not want to even cut it!

If you are going for one of the new hot themed weddings like “ombre” or bohemian, Magnolia bakery has something for everyone. For all you ombre lovers, there is a cake for you. From white to a beautiful pink, this cake is amazing. More shades of pink = more fun! If you’re looking for something a little different than you’re regular wedding cake, Magnolia has got it! This cake is a little more cake, a little less icing. Still so gorgeous to look at, we can only imagine how yummy it is! Beautifully garnished with gorgeous, bright coloured flowers all over, the contrast of the dark cake and white icing will catch anyone’s eye!

Magnolia’s Bakery and their inspiration to create cakes for every taste and wedding theme out there is a fantastic twist on just a regular wedding cake! Each cake is beautiful crafted and decorated that will catch everyone’s attention, we promise!

  1. Katie F. says:

    The “Mr. & Mrs.” cake topper is so elegant. Loving it!

  2. Nathalie V. says:

    Wasn’t a cake-person before, but this makes me want a pretty cake now. 🙂

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